Wharfedale EVP X15 Passive Speaker

Wharfedale EVP X15 Passive Speaker

Full range models feature a 90° x 60° Elliptical Waveguide

In real-world terms this means that the higher frequencies can be heard with definition at 90° in the horizontal plane, and 60° in the vertical.

All full range models in the EVP-X MKII series use this same elliptical waveguide design which makes for controllable coverage when using multiple EVO-X series loudspeakers.


Each EVP-X MKII PA speaker and subwoofer is protected by a durable carpet covering and steel grille.

The MKII version features a 4-way carry handle and a dual angle pole mount making it both portable and versatile for varying installation applications, ensuring the HF sound is directed straight at your audience.

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